The non-profit organization Children’s Center Lighthouse is a support center for elementary school aged children. Its aim is to contribu­ te to the prevention of the problem of street kids and children at risk, offering them al- ternative activities to what is found living on the street. The founding meeting of the Child­- ren Center took place on 17 January 2001. The founding members were Superintendent of the UMC in Estonia Olav Pärnamets and members of the UMC in Estonia Enn Laan- soo, Eini Tsherenkova, Helvi Kruusmann and Kersti Raudsepp. It was decided at the meeting to open a day center for children at Apteegi Street 3 in Tallinn. The carrier of the vision of the Children Center and chairman of the board was Kersti Raudsepp, the first director was Meelis Priimets. At present the director is Mall Tamm. From the very start the target group of the Center has been child­ren with social needs who have problems at home and in school which causes them to spend most of their time on the streets. In the Center the children are fed, they can change clothes and wash, if needed, children are offered assistance in their school assignments and the possibi- lity to develop through various activities.

Since the year 2004 the Children’s Center Lighthouse is located at 30a, Kopli Street, Tal- linn. In the list of the Center there are over 60 children from northern Tallinn and the Cen- ter is daily visited by 15–25 children. Teen­- agers, former children of Lighthouse, can find suitable activities at the Youth Center Generation2 that operates in 3, Apteegi Street since 2005. In organizing activities and as- sisting children in their school assignments, three staff members are helped by volunteer workers. Children have the possiblity to par- ticipate in hobby programmes, the Center has a dance studio with mirrored walls and an art studio. The children of Lighthouse have also performed outside their own house, including photos by the children being displayed at an exhibition in the United States. Many children have found pen pals from the Cal- vary UMC in Tennessee at summer camps. Several VIM-groups have helped to repair the rented building of the Children Center.

Continuous financial support has come from people in Estonia, the Nordic countries, Holland and the USA, the activity of the Cen- ter has also been supported by the Northern Tallinn Administration, the Social Welfare and Health Care Board of Tallinn and city funds.