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Eesti Metodisti Kiriku ajakiri Koduteel 
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Marjana Luist

Marjana Luist


Editorial board: Marjana Luist, Tarmo Lilleoja, Anneli Klausson, Andres Kapp, Toomas Pajusoo, Anne Saluraid, Meeli Tankler, Robert Tšerenkov, Inna Välja
Editor: Marjana Luist
Text editor: Inna Välja
Layout: Kersti Tormi

Introducing Koduteel Magazine

The history of the Methodist magazine Kodu­teel (On the Journey Home) dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The first issue of Kristlik Kaitsja (Christian Advocate), the magazine of the M.E. Church in Estonia, was published in May 1920, the general editor and publisher of which was Martin Prikask. The magazine came out once a month under this title. From September to December in 1928 the magazine was produced under the title Uus Kristlik Kaitsja (New Christian Advocate). The last issue of Kristlik Kaitsja was no 6/7 of the 21st year of publication, that is, June/July 1940. The magazine was issued alternatively in Kuressaare, Tartu and Tallinn. In addition to Martin Prikask, general editors and publishers of the magazine were Ferdinand Tombo, Hans Söte and Aleksander Kuum. Eduard Valdmann, Voldemar Ojasson and Richard Järv helped as editors.

In 1935–1936 the Kuressaare UMC issued the magazine Koduteel once a month, the general editor was Martin Prikask. The publishing of the magazine was started on 28 February 1935 and it became a herald of the Saaremaa churches.

When the EMK magazine started to be published again in May 1990, it was named Home Road, the first editor of the magazine was Urmas Rahuvarm from the Haapsalu congregation. For nearly 20 years, the magazine was edited by Kärt Jänes-Kapp of the Tallinn congregation. In 2016-2018, she edited the magazine Taimi Pärna, who has also been the publisher of the magazine for almost 20 years. From 2019, editor of Marjana Luist magazine. From 2019, the editorial board includes Marjana Luist, Tarmo Lilleoja, Anneli Klausson, Andres Kapp, Toomas Pajusoo, Anne Saluraid, Meeli Tankler, Robert Chererovov, Inna Välja. Since 2005, it is appearing on Home Road four times a year. Starting in 2016, the magazine will be published in color. Its publication is supported by the Church Council of the ECC and The United Methodist Publishing House.