At the end of the 1930s a great revival of the Brethren Church broke out at Võrumaa and it was the time that the Laitsna church was founded. After World War II the church building was expropriated by the authorities and the congregation started to meet in people’s homes. On 11 August 1960 there was a meeting in the home of brother Rudolf Raudik, which can be considered the actual beginning of the Ruusmäe UMC. The congregation was officially registered only on 26 December 1979.

Since February 1994 church services have taken place in rooms rented from the rural municipality government.

The connecting congregation of the Ruusmäe church is the Calvary United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee.


  1. Rudolf Raudik 1960-1979
  2. Rudolf Raudik 1979-1989
  3. Rutt Raudik (pastors dep.) 1989-1993
  4. Tea Land (pastors dep.) 1989-1993
  5. Kaupo Kant 1993-2000
  6. Vladek  Manninen 2000-2003
  7. Enno Sarik since 2003