The Räpina congregation was officially founded on 16 March 1988. It grew out of the Tartu congregation that had some members who lived at Räpina. During the first years the Methodists at Räpina were served every third Sunday by the pastor of the Tartu congregation Päivo Kasekamp, who also administered the Holy Communion. Andres Kirjamägi also visited the Räpina church often and many people attended the services that were held in people’s homes.

On 22 July 1986 half of the house at 1 Vabaduse Street was purchased for the ministry. In 1986 Olavi Ilumets, a graduate of the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary, was ordained deacon at the church. Since 2001 the Räpina congregation has been pastored by another graduate of the Seminary, Rein Laaneser.

The Räpina congregation has been supported by the Bartlesville First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma.


  1. Olavi Ilumets 1988–2017
  2. Rein Laaneser 2001-2008
  3. Andrus Kask 2008-2010
  4. Ele Paju since 2010