In 1910 Karl Kuum started to preach in Rakvere every other week in the apart­ment of Jaan Rajaste (Jaan Rabor before the name was Estonianized) and his wife Katariina in Malmi Street. More and more people came to the services and in 1914 a branch of the Tapa Methodist congregation was set up in Rakvere. Later, at the time of Hans Söte, a lot was purchased with two old houses in Laada Street. One of the old houses was torn down while the other was restored for the congrega­tion.

On the initiative of the young pastor Voldemar Ojasson the construction of a new church building was started. On 17 May 1928 superintendent Martin Pri­kask laid the cornerstone for the building and it was con­secrated on 25 August 1929 by superintendent Prikask, ministers Voldemar Ojasson and Martin Krüger. In the beginning the Rakvere congregation had two branches: in Haljala and in Port-Kun­da.

Rakvere church suffered damage during World War II through bullets and shell splinters, but the church has survived until present day. In 2005–2006 thorough repairs were made at the building. The church has Sunday school, women’s ministry, several music groups and more people from younger generations.


  1. Johannes Karlson 1920–1922
  2. Hans Söte 1922–1923
  3. Jaan Puskay 1923–1925
  4. Martin Krüger (Kuigre) 1925–1926
  5. Voldemar Ojasson (Valdo Ojassoo) 1926–1932
  6. Eduard Raud 1932–1933
  7. Martin Krüger (Kuigre) 1933–1957
  8. August Saulus 1957–1958
  9. Andres Kirjamägi 1958–1963
  10. Aleksander Arro (pastori kt) 1963
  11. Johannes Lilleorg 1963–1966
  12. August Saulus (pastors dep.) 1966
  13. Juhan Lilleorg (pastors dep.) 1966–1967
  14. Karl-Friedrich Nurmela 1967–1968
  15. Johannes Tinnuri (pastors dep.) 1968–1969
  16. Jaan Puskay 1969
  17. Päivo Kasekamp 1969–1972
  18. Jaan Puskay 1972–1973
  19. Uno Külviste 1973–2009
  20. Ellar Mäesepp (assistant pastor) aastast 2008-2009
  21. Hans Lahi since 2009