On 9 June 1907 Vassili Täht and Karl Kuum started revival meetings in Kuressaare, which is considered to be the beginning of the Methodist movement in Estonia. At the same time Christian awakening was spreading in the Western region of Estonia. The birth of the Kuressaare congregation was witnessed on 26 August 1910 at 10 p.m., when superintendent George A. Simons and Vassili Täht received the first members, three men and three women, into the M.E. Church in Estonia in the house of Mrs Vildenberg at 2 Kohtu Street in Kuressaare. By the end of the year 17 more women had joined the congregation and by the year 1924 the Kuressaare congregation had already 366 members.

The people of Kuressaare constructed also the first Methodist sanctuary in Estonia – a wooden church that is protected under the Heritage Conservation Act and will be partly renovated by the 100th anniversary of the United Methodist Church in Estonia.

By 1938 branches of the Kuressaare church were working at Tiirimetsa, on the island of Abruka, in the settlement of Haeska, at Püha and at Siiksaare. Martin Prikask, founder of the Kuressaare church, died as martyr in 1942.

The Kuressaare UMC has been supported by Harold and Caroline Schmul from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and by the Destin United Methodist Church.


  1. Vassili Täht 1910–1911 (also in Tallinn)
  2. Martin Prikask 1911–1921
  3. Hans Söte 1921–1922
  4. Eduard Raud 1922–1923
  5. Martin Prikask 1922–1923
  6. Martin Krüger (Kuigre) 1923–1924
  7. August Mikkov 1923–1924
  8. Martin Prikask 1924–1932
  9. Johannes P. Karlson 1924–1925
  10. Philip Gildemann (assistant) 1927–1928
  11. Alfred Tõns (assistant) 1928–1929
  12. Eduard Valdmann (assistant) 1929–1930
  13. Eduard Raud (assistant) 1930–1932
  14. Martin Krüger (Kuigre) 1932–1933
  15. Richard Järv (assistant) 1932–1933
  16. Martin Prikask 1933–1941
  17. Eduard Raud (assistant) 1938
  18. Johannes Toomväli 1941
  19. Orest Aavik 1941–1966
  20. Voldemar Ritsbek 1966–1969
  21. Juhan Lilleorg 1969–1970
  22. Johannes Truu 1970–1976
  23. Tiit Henno 1976–2006
  24. Arvi Lindmäe (pastors dep.) since 2006