The Kohtla-Järve congregation grew out of the Sunday prayer meetings organized by the Jõhvi congregation in the cinema Pobeda. At that time the leader of the ministry was Armin Šapp, a native German from the area of the Volga River, who lives in the United States now.

The congregation moved from the cinema hall into the rooms of the Kohtla-Järve High School no 1 at 2, Katse Street where the foundation meeting of the congregation took place on 23 October 1994. Since 1997 the congregation meets at the dormitory of the Kohtla-Järve Polytechnical School, where the Sunday school of the Children Mission is also located. In summer the congregation has been actively involved in the activities of the Christian Children Camp Gideon.

Since 1994 the pastor of the congregation is Sergei Sutškov who graduated from the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary in 1998.

On 28 January 2007 superintendent of the UMC in Estonia Taavi Hollman consecrated the new building of the Kolgata UMC in Kohtla-Järve at 5 Torujõe Street. The place is sufficient for the ministry of the congregation at the moment – there are rooms for conducting worship services, Sunday school and other activities. Help for the repair work has come from many UM congregations across Estonia, from the connecting congregation the Marietta Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in Georgia, as well as from the congregation itself starting with Sergei Sutškov and his wife.