The history of the Kärsa congregation dates back to 7 May 1989 when brother Eduard Lohv had a vision from God to restore the old run-down orthodox church building and to start worship services there. On Sunday, 14 May 1989 the first service was held in the church with participation of some members from the Räpina church. At first an oral permission was given by the representative of religious affairs of Põlvamaa to start the work. By Christmas the renovation was so far that it was possible to hold the first church services there for the people of the local village.

On 24 February 1990 the church building was consecrated by Olav Pärnamets. Olavi Ilumets started to minister the congregation. Officially the ministry was registered as an independent church on 30 January 1991.

In February 1992 there was the consecration of the altar pieces presented to the church by the Swedish artist Dolf Mayern. The connecting church of the Kärsa congregation is the Bartlesville First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma.


  1. Olavi Ilumets 1991 - 2001
  2. Rein Laaneser since 2001