The Jõhvi congregation was founded on 9 May 1971, when pastor Heino Laine together with German brothers from Russia (who had resettled in Estonia) started worship services in a private house at 17 Aasa Street that had been rebuilt into a church already earlier. At first the ministry was conducted in German, Estonian and Russian. By now the German congregation has long stopped its activity as the members left for Germany and pastor Laine went home to be with the Lord.

In 1993 the Estonian speaking services were carried on and in 2000 the Estonians established a separate church, the Petlemma congregation in Jõhvi. In the Jõhvi congregation the Russian speaking ministry was carried on under the leadership of Vladimir Salkov (1994–2003). After Vladimir Salkov emigrated to the United States in 2003, Artur Põld took over also the Russian speaking ministry of the Jõhvi UMC.

The connecting congregation both for the Jõhvi congregation and the Petlemma congregation in Jõhvi is the Americus First United Methodist Church in Georgia.


  1. Heino Laine   1971–1990
  2. Endel Rang (russian ministry)   1985–1992
  3. Heino Ploomipuu (deputy pastor) 1990–1992 (emigrated to USA in 2003)
  4. Armin Shapp (russian and german ministry) 1992–1994
  5. Artur Põld 1993–2000
  6. Vladimir Salkov (russian ministry) 1994–2003
  7. Artur Põld aastast 2003