The Methodist congregation in Haapsalu was established on 9 March 1918, when August Mikkov administered the Lord’s Supper for the first time to 4 brothers and 16 sisters in his home at 7 Ehte Street. The congregation was officially registered only in 1920 as a branch of the Kuressaare congregation. The new church building was completed in 1922, it was consecrated by bishop Nuelsen on 23 July. Soon the church had its own branches in the countryside: in the manor house of Võnnu, in Palivere,Lihula and Uugla.

The pastor of the Haapsalu congregation Jaan Jaagupsoo died as martyr – he was murdered in 1941 and his last remains were buried at the Noarootsi Cemetery. During World War II the Tartu Eye Hospital was evacuated to Haapsalu and accommodated into the church building. Despite all difficulties, the work in the congregation was revived by Valdo Ojassoo, who came to Haapsalu in 1942. More people joined the church, music ministry was started and an organ was built (completed in 1961).

After Ojassoo, the Haapsalu congregation was pastored by Rudolf Siirak, at present the pastor of the church is Urmas Rahuvarm. The connecting congregation of the Haapsalu church is the Swartz Creek United Methodist Church in Michigan.


  1. August Mikkov 1918–1922
  2. Johannes Karlson 1922–1923
  3. Martin Prikask 1923–1924
  4. Martin Krüger (Kuigre) 1924–1925
  5. Jaan Puskay 1925–1926
  6. Ferdinand Tombo 1926–1932
  7. Adalgoth Seck 1932–1933
  8. Jaan Jakobson (Jaagupsoo)   1933–1941
  9. August Mikkov 1941–1942
  10. Valdo Ojassoo 1942–1969
  11. Rudolf Siirak 1969–1998
  12. Urmas Rahuvarm  from 1998
  13. Andreas Rahuvarm (assistant) from 1999