Bishop Christian Alsted

 Christian Alsted

My name is Christian Alsted I am 54 years old married to Elisabeth Flinck since june 1984. We have three children Sara (23) studying Communications and Culture & Language encounter - Mathias (21) studying journalism and Caroline (17) at the gymnasium.

Elisabeth is a teacher Orestadsskolen - a brand new school with a virtual esthetic profile that is being built. Her main thing is creative school development, crafts (not least sewing), reading, running and gardening.

I have been a pastor in the United Methodist Church for 25 years - 20 years were in Copenhagen. Apart from being a bishop which I enjoy immensely, I enjoy playing guitar, singing in a gospel choir (Revelation Gospel Choir), listening to music, reading, working out and playing squash.

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Superintentent Taavi Hollman

Taavi HollmanThe Superintendent of the UMC in Estonia is Taavi Hollman. Hewas elected into this service 2005 and re-elected in June 2008.

Taavi Hollman was born in Tallinn into a Methodist family. Taavi gave his life to the Lord at the age of 10 on a Thursday night worship service in the Tal­linn UMC in Mere Puiestee Street in July 1979. On October 12 1986 he joined the Tallinn UMC where he started to lead youth ser­vices and prayer fellowship of young people already at the age of 14–15.

Taavi Hollman finished Tallinn Secondary School no. 36 in 1987 and imme­diately continued his studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Tallinn Polytechnical Institute, with the specialty of civil and building engineering. In 1988 his studies were discontinued due to required Soviet military service in the Kaliningrad oblast. A year later all stu­dents who were in military service were released and allowed to continue studies at the universities. Having returned to Estonia, Holl­man continued his studies at the Tallinn Polytechni­cal Institute but at the same time he sensed the desire for a full-time ministry in God’s King­dom. In 1991 Taavi attended a 3-month Bible School organized by the Global Outreach Bible Institute.

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